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    Finding freedom in steamed pasta

    When working at home, especially alone, the duties of working and feeding oneself must become integrated. In this article, we'll explore the radical concept of cooking dry pasta like rice, by steaming in an ordinary saucepan -- a culinary heresy that promises to finally free us from the burden of the boiling pot.

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    The insistent bounty of the mini pumpkin

    I can only speculate as to what I was thinking when, halfway through a rushed, early-pandemic visit to the local hardware store, I purchased a packet of mini-pumpkin seeds. I walked in wearing my own improvised covering of furnace filter material, held in place by a bent length of Romex and two rubber bands.

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    “Potatoes are not a vegetable,” my friend declared, when I listed the varieties of produce she could harvest from my vegetable garden. “I will take tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, and onions, but not potatoes.” I could have responded that the first three, being fruits, are not vegetables either.

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    Yes, you can eat ornamental popcorn

    If, as some people think, Indian corn isn’t edible, then the only possible conclusion is that the American Indians spent countless generations breeding and growing it only to decorate their wigwams. In a subsistence society, this doesn’t seem very likely. ...

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    Dandelions into wine

    Only a scene of hazy visuals is left to recall the picking of buckets of dandelions with my parents, one spring afternoon at about age 6 or 7. Here's how to make dandelion wine. ...