• Design

    Roundabout ways

    Driving had long been a settled science, but the roundabout seems to be throwing a lot of us for a loop. How can something be hated and loved at the same time? Perhaps it's a matter of design.

  • Design

    The proof is in the packaging

    Some products are so small in proportion to their value that a reasonably-priced package may end up being more package than product. But this presents a peculiar possibility: that a small hiccup in the manufacturing chain could lead to a case of all package and no product -- and leaving no evidence but your indignation.

  • Culture,  Design

    The extraordinary, ordinary postcard

    Despite the ongoing decline of what many disparagingly refer to as “snail mail,” there remains a segment of the population that has not yet lost touch with its unique qualities, and fears the prospect of losing this supposedly archaic medium forever.

  • Design,  History

    The pageant of the unopened page

    What is a book? Opinions vary. Some believe that a book is simply a collection of written content, independent of the medium by which it is distributed. Others, like me, feel that the medium definitely needs to be in there, somewhere.

  • Design

    Failing in public

    We all know that things don't always go as planned. But there should be a special category for failures that go forth to publicly display themselves, even as they cry for a solution. ...

  • Design,  History

    Where the Codd stopper lives on

    The Codd stopper was invented by Hiram Codd in the 1800s, and although very popular at the time, most people today have never seen one. But this weird throwback still thrives in exactly two places on Earth. ...