• Craft

    How to make maple syrup over a fire

    Once having handcrafted a few wooden spiles in the dead of winter, the temptation to collect maple sap at the earliest signs of spring becomes irresistible, and provides a perfect excuse for spending several hours by a bonfire. This article describes a simple way to collect maple sap from your maple trees and make it into maple syrup, over a roaring fire. ...

  • Craft,  Kitchen

    Dandelions into wine

    Only a scene of hazy visuals is left to recall the picking of buckets of dandelions with my parents, one spring afternoon at about age 6 or 7. Here's how to make dandelion wine. ...

  • Craft,  History

    January: Time to cut spiles

    Want to make your own maple syrup? "You should make your own spiles," the MIT professor Sandy Brown said, assuring us that it's easy if you have some staghorn sumac growing in the neighborhood. ...